About the Neighbors

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Jake Giehl

Founder / Sales Director

Jake was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He has been exploring the State of Colorado since 2002. Since moving to Denver in 2007, he has resided in neighborhoods around the city, including Lodo, Cap Hill, Wash Park and Cole.  Each one introduced a slightly different culture and angle to the Mile High City. Trying new neighborhood restaurants and watering holes provided some of the inspiration for Neighborhood Company.

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Dave Nardone

Founder / Creative Director

Dave is a wild man.  After tearing up Rochester, NY for several years, he moved to Denver, Colorado with something to prove.  He hasn't looked back since.  He often likes to ponder the meaning of life and analyze the origin of sunflower seeds and fresh produce.  Nothing gets by this kid.  His brain has produced a variety of artistic creations.  They are now hard at work capturing the essence of our neighborhoods.